Our yearly management agreement includes the following services:


Key Holding Service

We require two sets of keys to your property which will be kept in our safe, which only the owners of the company have access to. We can make them available to contractors with your permission(email) or to your guests on demand. We must insist that only ourselves have any copies of your keys. This is for security reasons and to cover ourselves. If anybody else is found to also be a key holder for your property we will immediately contact yourself the owner to ask why and if you insist that the other person or company keeps keys we will terminate our contract with you immediately. This is standard business practice where key holding is concerned.

Inspections & Security Checks

We will make regular inspections of your property inside and out to check for any damage in any way. We will check the property for security issues, state of repair of the property including any damp issues inside and out especially in the winter period. We will check the electricity supply, all plumbing including toilets and taps to make sure there are no leaks. Check for any evidence of vermin or pests. Photographs will be taken and sent to you if any issues arise. Monthly email report of your property.

Air the Property

On our regular visits to the property we will air all rooms to help minimise damp/mould problems. We will also flush all the toilets and run all taps so no stagnant water is building up unwanted smells.

Mail Collection

We will collect any mail that has been sent to your property, we can forward it on to you if required to or with your permission open it and scan the document and send it to you via email.


We have a very good relationship with a number of local insurance companies and we can arrange all your insurance needs if required, from DASK insurance to household contents. The insurance costs will have to be met by yourselves these are not included in the yearly management fee but we do not charge for arranging insurance for you.

Bill & Tax Payments

Utility bills and Council taxes. For this service we will require a float on your account of £50 – £100.

Arrange Gas & Water Bottles

On your request and before your arrival we can arrange to have gas and water bottles delivered to your property.


Building and Construction

We will send an email with photographs of any damage or repairs that require attention plus a quote from our builder to fix the problem, further quotes can be obtained if required. On your approval and funds arriving in our bank account we will arrange for the work to go ahead and send you regular email updates with pictures.

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We were in the property sector in the UK for 10 years, so you know your property is in safe hands with us.

We operate in Akbuk and all surrounding area’s Since 2012

24/7 Solutions

Most management companies have opening hours usually 9am to 5pm and they usually close and only deal with emergencies at the weekend.

We offer a unique service that we can be contacted any time.  Obviously we would prefer to deal with general enquiries at reasonable times but we all know emergencies can and usually do happen out of office hours so being able to contact  someone 24/7 is a great advantage which we can offer our clients.

Once you have bought your ideal holiday home in Turkey and you have to go back to your home country it isn’t easy leaving your investment behind not knowing if everything is going to be exactly how you left it. Just knowing someone is here in Turkey checking your property on a regular basis and dealing with problems as they arise and deal with simple things or email you immediately to inform you of anything that should be dealt with.

Peace of Mind

A property that is visited on a regular basis is less likely to be burgled and on the regular visits your property will be checked for any construction damage, dampness etc, which is common in seaside resorts.

You can relax and enjoy

On our regular inspections of your property, we will identify any issues and contact you immediately and deal with any repairs upon your instructions.

Taking all the stress out of building works-we can arrange for everything to be completed before you arrive for your holiday.

If you rent your property out, your tenants or holiday let guests will find great comfort knowing if they have any problems they will have an English speaking company dealing with any problems that may arise while they are here.

Say the toilets won’t flush or you get a leak or anything.  The last thing they want to be doing is trying to deal with things especially with the language barrier, and why should they to be honest!

Having a management company locally, who can deal with everything and is just a call away could mean the difference in do they rent/let off you next year or do they rent/let someone else’s villa/apartment.

Our cleaners and maintenance team will ensure that your property is kept clean and maintained to the standards you expect.


Our yearly Property Management fee’s are £280.00

Management Services Priced Individually

(if no Property Management package in place)

Key Holding Only – £50, Hold keys in our office safe and make them available to tradesmen and guests etc with your written permission.

Key Holding & Bill Payment – £200, Hold keys in our safe and collect bills from the property and pay them for you, (float of £50 -£100 required).

Winter Property Checks – £150, Winter can be very wet and windy so many things can go wrong with your property from damp inside and mould to lighting strikes on the property, we will check your property on a fortnightly basis inside and out for any problems that may have arisen, a monthly email report will be sent to you. In the event of any damage we will inform you of the damage and arrange any repairs upon your approval of quotes and funds arriving in our account, over see any works carried out and send email reports. This service is free if yearly management contract is in place.

Meet & Greet – £10 before 6pm, 6pm to 9am £15.  We will meet your guests at your property and give them the keys to your property and show them around making them familiar with alarms, appliances and locks, give them local information on the area if required.  For holiday lets your guests will really appreciate this service.

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