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Remember what it was like to be a client of a property management company, and strive to be better than our competitors.

We are a British owned and run business who also live permanently in Akbuk, Turkey. We have been in the property sector since 2002 in the UK, buying, selling and renting property. We have also owned and run local corner shops and worked closely with the public for a number of years.

We came to live here in 2008 and bought a property where we live. We have decided to offer an alternative to the current property management companies which operate in the Didim and Akbuk area’s. Our home was our office for the first year, we opened our permanent head office. With the new office we aim to open our services up to a larger market as we now have a more visible presence in the area.

Our current head office is: Akbük Mah. 3003 Cad. No: 28/B Didim, Aydin, Turkey.

We understand what clients expect from a management company as we have been on both sides. We gave all our properties in the UK to a management company to manage while we concentrated on the shops while we built them up. We were not happy with the level of service we were getting so we sacked them and tried a more reputable company in the North East. They were much better but we still highlighted area’s where they could improve, false promises like telling us they would be doing weekly checks on the properties and in fact didn’t go near them even on a monthly basis. Monthly emails that didn’t arrive and endless excuses why they didn’t so in the end we took back the properties and started to manage them ourselves again.

We have tried to offer a selection of services related to property management like pool maintenance, villa/apartment cleaning even car rentals so you don’t have to spend hours on the net searching for various companies or spend extra time on the phone or sending emails, the plan is to offer as much as possible to save you valuable time and money.

In conjunction with reputable builders we can offer a full build and repair service. We have personally vetted the builders and had work done ourselves by them as have many of our friends and clients and all have been very happy with the work they have done. Here in Turkey it is no different than the UK, finding a good builder who you can trust to do a good job at a fair price is invaluable also you have to be able to trust them as most of the repair work will be inside your property and your belongings need to be in safe trustworthy hands.

Please feel free to check our testimonials page and our Facebook page for clients reviews. We have many sites and individual property managements on our expanding portfolio.

Please be careful there are a lot of people working over here illegally offering property management services and while they may be able to offer a cheaper price (very often not) because they are not paying staff or taxes you as the owner have no comeback if something goes wrong with your property and they can simply just walk away from it and the problem. Always ask to see their Didim Chamber of Commerce Certificate or ask for their registration number so you can check if they are a legal company here is Turkey.

If you have already found yourself in this position and need someone to pick up the pieces and give you peace of mind that your property is being looked after by the right people please contact us via many ways please see our contact us page.

We are registered with Didim Chamber of Commerce, which is a government body set up in 1995, it’s main aim is to promote trade and investment in the local area. Any legal business in Turkey have to be registered with the Chamber of Commerce as they give you all the permissions to set up your business and they also work closely and file a report on your new business with the tax office.

We have all the legal papers and certificates required by the Chamber of Commerce and Didim Belediyesi. All these are on the wall in our office and all clients are welcome to come and inspect them at any time.

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